Innovation is an essential key for the competitiveness of your business which differentiates you with the products and services with a higher value-added. It helps you to better satisfy the consumers who enjoy more and more the novelty and diversity, to expand your market and to conquer new markets.

The 6 axes of food innovation include:

  • Products
  • Processes
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Environmental
  • Services

Obviously, putting innovation into each of these areas requires a huge investment of time and resources, and in most cases they require to be accomplished by deep and universal researches that are too expensive for the companies to implement. So, how to innovate without investing too much and without having the essential knowledge?

Do you know there are several types of provincial and governmental research grants and funds in order to support your innovation projects?
We are able to find the best financial supports that can cover up to 90% of your innovation project costs. See the section Financial supports.